The Case of the Wrong YouTube Channel (An Ode to Analytics)

The Case of the Wrong YouTube Channel (An Ode to Analytics) post thumbnail image

So a bit of an interesting anecdote here. On the 5th I created and uploaded a short meme i made to YouTube (as a short) I also posted it to twitter then promptly forgot about it. Now usually on my Haptic Channel ( Link Here ) I get around 30-40 views on a video, This has been dropping recently as I haven’t been uploading a lot recently (The Algorithm does not like that) but i can usually expect that. So Anyways yesterday I checked the YouTube Analytics on the short out and found two things.

  1. It had gotten 800 views in 1 day
  2. I had posted it to the wrong channel.

Views are Views, Right?

I’ll be honest, this floored me. This short 10 second clip was my most successful video of all time. So I decided to set it to private and upload it to the Correct Channel (The One Linked to the right) with the same title and everything and see how it does there. The Results.. are surprising me.

The Video in Question

Viva La YouTube Analytics

It wasn’t even close. The Haptic Version of the short 24 hours after posting has 1 view. There are 0 reasons to rationalize this (at least to me) as its identical to the old version. This has lead me to one possible conclusion as to why this has happened. My Main Channel is Tainted. What Do I mean by this? Basically I think after a year of inconsistent posting that the YouTube Gods Do not like Haptic. Which is less than Ideal so the way I see it I have 2 options

  • Make a Whole New Channel
  • Or Try and Fix Haptic

I am… Hesitant to make a new channel, Granted my channel is small (36 Subscribers as of the time of this writing, Want to make it 37?) but I worked hard for those 36 subs. Even if i just made a second channel i don’t have the time to run 2 channels and a podcast.

Why The Inconsistent Posts Bro?

Well the main reason is a big change I made to the channel. See Previously Haptic had 3 pillars to the channel.

  1. 3 For Free – 3 free indie horror games from played by my wife and I (Example).
  2. Indie Spotlight – 1 Free Indie Game, played just by me (generally much shorter)(Example)
  3. Full Length Playthroughs – Less Common, mainly did one for Resident Evil 8.

But the views/subscribers seemed to stagnate so i made a decision to transition the channel to being all about my favorite game series. A Decision that would essentially put the channel on hiatus while i recorded and prepared content. A Decision that would cement the future name of the channel itself as well as my podcast. A Decision to Make my Channel a Silent Hill Channel. And This Through The Fog Was Born.

Shortly After than My Second Daughter (Love you Gwen) was born, and I launched my podcast further increasing the difficulty of getting out videos in a timely manner.

So Here we are, 2 months later and thoroughly confused by the YouTube Algorithm just like I was a year ago. I Full Intend to have both a successful YouTube channel AND Podcast, not One or the other. I just have a bit of work to do, figuring out how to do that…

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