Past, Present, Future; Into the Black

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So, Mission Accomplished. We Managed to get an episode out every single day in October (Yay Go Us!). So where does that put the show at now? What’s in the future for Through the Fog? What’s the Best Kind of Soda? Lets dive into 2/3rds of that now!

Episode 34 – Jeff the Killer

So what happened?

Like I said above, we pulled it off. 1 episode every day in October sometimes with editing just finishing up the night before. It was super close but someone we pulled it off (with 10 other voice actors in the episode posted above no less )

This was no easy feat (I basically didn’t sleep for the month) but it did provide a huge kickstart to the show boosting downloads by about 10x every day and securing our initial audience. I would absolutely say however that I very much miss daily releases already. Now it’s a lot more time twiddling my thumbs and less time actively working on content. This leads me to my next point.

Back in Technicolor

Given that I have all this time now it only make sense that I spend some of it working on YouTube. Back in September I announced I was transitioning my YouTube channel from doing indie horror games, to Silent Hill exclusively. I then basically went dark and released nothing (except for a couple podcast episodes). It still needs some work but now I have some time to do that work, so let’s get to it!

I still have all my old lets plays up (including a full Resident Evil VIII playthrough ) on my YouTube channel
( Link ) . Even though all of that is in the past now I still think its good content and you can really see the growth of the Haptic Brand.

Haptic Live

When I started making content I was a streamer. I really Enjoyed it (even with no growth) so I’m working on something to get back to it. I’m still working on how to best organize it and exactly what the livestream would look like but I defiantly want to start going live again.

At this point I’m not even sure if were going to be doing video games for the livestreams. But it will absolutely be horror adjacent. I cant be clear enough though this is still very early in the planning stages, I just know that I want to do it again. One thing I do know is it will be VIA YouTube instead of Twitch. Twitch was honestly kind of a mess, and I’m not really a big fan.

And the podcast?

There are still 16 episodes planned in season 1 which puts us at a finale in February. At that point we will immediately begin work on season 2 which will see some pretty big changes in format from season 1 and honestly will require a fair bit more work. (There also might be a change in release schedule but we are still planning that out).

Season 2 is currently planned for 20 episodes, however we will be doing the 31 days of horror again next yet (but more planned out and organized so I don’t kill myself). So Whip out your calendars and mark down 2022 as the year of Haptic as we do honestly have quite a bit planned for you all!

Communication is key

I am also going to start blogging differently. I want to start posting more think pieces and less stuff about my show itself (those posts will still exist here, but the bulk of them will be relegated to ( A super cool place where you can donate to the show and get rewards in the process ) and Twitter. I Really want to turn Haptic and Through the Fog into something big, something everyone (who enjoys horror) enjoys. and I want this webpage to become your destination for horror. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments down below. I want to facilitate communication between my audience and myself and this is as much (if not more) your show as it is mine.

Looking forward to the Future

If you made it this far, Go You! Thank you for sticking with me and listening to whatever nonsense I’m spewing out! I look forward to the release of todays episode (5:00 PM CST) and talking to all of your more. I do notice that this site gets halfway decent traffic so thank you for giving my little page a chance. Maybe while your here click the link below and see what Through the Fog is Really All About? I promise you wont regret it.

(I Also want to take this time to point out we made the top 100 overall list on goodpods! Out of millions of podcasts on the service we managed to make #78, and its all thanks to you listeners. Lets Aim for the #1 spot)

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