How To Get Away With Madness ( The Halloween Experiment )

Life Has Been A Rollercoaster Lately, and a combination of experiments have both added insight and bossed the chaos even further. Podcast has been an interesting journey for the short time that I’ve been doing it and thanks to the stellar analytics that i get from (Thanks Captivate!). I’m getting a clearer picture of what my fan base ( and I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that i Have a fan base ) and I wanted to talk a bit about these realizations here and share what I’ve learned.

A Comedy in two parts: Part 1 – Halloween

As I Have Mentioned before Late September, Due to the Horror Nature of my podcast I decided to release an episode every day for the whole month. I understood this was a monumental undertaking which is why I decided to Only Do it if i could have 15 episodes ready to go by the 1st.

So Naturally when the 1st rolled around and i only have 9 episodes ready I decided “BAH lets do it anyways” and that’s exactly what I did. So after a month of struggling and exhaustion. of Late nights (midnight but I’m old) and learning as I go. I am pleased to announce here that I only have one more episode left to edit. To Be fair it is the biggest episode I’ve done yet but I should have more than enough time to get it done and I cant wait to share it with all of you. (and to finally get some sleep)

oooooh spooky

Part 2: The Twitter Experiment ( a bit of a lull )

I’m Real big into analytics. I’m always listening to downloads, demographics, episode performance and trends I keep a really close eye on my podcast ( to the point i track analytics 4 different ways ). I treat twitter (my primary method of sharing the podcast –@fog_cast ) exactly the same way. I’m always looking to see what works and what doesn’t. I have from the day that i created the account believed that if i can get a big enough following then eventually my growth would become “organic”. Meaning it would grow on its own without me having to actively scout out followers.

Make no mistakes I would still need (and want) to interact with my audience but i believe it would reach a point where they would find me more than i find them. So the last few days i decided to try out an experiment. I basically haven’t been tweeting (maybe 1-2 a day), I haven’t posted any episode announcements. The Results have been surprising to say the least.

The First day I backed off twitter I received a new record day for downloads ( 25% higher than any day before or since ) and I continued to get 2-3 followers a day on Twitter. This is all very surprising to me as I have always been less than successful on social media ( fog_cast is now my most successful social media account ever ) , To all my new followers I don’t know how you found me but thank you so much for the follow and if your reading this thank you for checking out the website. Your helping make this little dream of mine a reality, and it means everything to me.

Th3 Fu+ur3

So What now? Well The Halloween Episode (Sorry you’ll have to wait till release to learn what story) releases in 5 days and I’m also going to start remastering some of the older stories. I noticed that episode 1: Windows is still my most listened to so that’s the first story I’m going to re-work. There are a few more I will give the same treatment as I try to get the audio consistent across the board.

I’m also officially announcing here and now that Season 1 of Through The Fog is going to be 50 episodes ( should end some time in February ) . Once that’s up we will take a short hiatus from releasing episodes as we work on getting ahead on season 2 ( which is going to be a massive undertaking *wink* ). My Goal is 1000 listeners by next September and we are well on track to nail that.

The Takeaway

Through the Fog is Just Getting started. By This Time Next Year we should be sitting at somewhere around 100 episodes released and (hopefully) 1000 listeners and who knows with twitter audience size. I really cannot wait to show you all what I Have in store for you and hope that you will stick around with me for the ride. Thank you so much for listening, and Keep your eyes on the fog.

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