How to start a Podcast (for Sadists)

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Way Back on September 12th (2021) I decided I wanted to start a podcast. The Idea being that I didn’t have time to record and edit YouTube videos anymore and a podcast would be quicker. So I decided to model it off of some of my favorite shows (Creepy , Welcome to Nightvale, The Black Tapes, NoSleep) and Do Horror Narration. I Figured I could Record it on my phone in the car, do a quick edit and boom. Easy Content.

In a way, I was correct. Editing a podcast was far less time consuming and more manageable than YouTube content. However shortly after I launched I made a decision that would make October one of the most exhausting and difficult months in my life.

Losing your Mind for Dummies: Vol 1

As I said I came up with the idea on the 12th. Episode One was recorded on my Shure MV88 iPhone Mic that same day but I eventually decided to re-record it at home on my computer. Editing was done 2 days later and the episode launched on the 15th. (See Player Below)

It wasn’t perfect but I was Really Proud of it. So I decided in all my Avarice that I would for the entire month of October Release an Episode Every. Single. Day. It is Now Over a Month Later and it would appear that I am going to accomplish it, I have however been really flying by the seat of my pants. Sometimes finishing an episode the day it goes live.

Now we are nearing the end and honestly? I’m going to miss daily releases. Its Been Really nice having something to look forward to every single day. However it will also be nice to sleep… So Ill have that going for me.

The Moral

The Moral of the story is: Take More time to plan out your content if your just starting out. I have put Insane and Unnecessary amounts of stress on myself this month trying to do this when I should have just taken more time and had a selection of episodes ready to go from day one.

Podcasting is great fun, and I’ve connected with a new, close-knit community that always supports one another. Its been a stellar experience that I think everyone should try out. Just be smarter about it than I was. Take the time, write notes, and don’t launch until you have at least 3 episodes banked. And Especially don’t do daily releases with a full time job, 2 kids, and no time to sleep. Just some food for thought; catch you on the next one.

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