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I’m so glad you decided to come check out my website and especially my blog (Go you!). This page is very much a work in progress, but my goal is for it to become a hub for not only Through the Fog but all podcasts (Especially Horror) in the near future. As Such I will be featuring the shows I’m currently listening to across the site in various places. One of which will be the Main Page (I’m sure you already noticed Delivery being the featured show) as well as on blog posts. So At the end of every post I will be highlighting what I am currently listening to.

I also Plan on launching a newsletter in the not so distant future, the groundwork is set for it just need to do a smidge more set up and well be in your inbox as well!


I Wanted to take a minute to talk about how October has been going. As Many of you know Through the fog officially launched in September (on the 15th) and I quickly decided that For all of October I wanted to release an episode every day.

So far this venture has been a success though it has been extraordinarily taxing so in the future when we do this it will be handled Far Sooner, so expect a super early call for stories for October next year, with submissions being open for a long time.

Another thing I wanted to try was ensuing the standard Patreon model of monetization. Basically I have two options (besides sponsorships). I could just post a PayPal donation link, or I could launch a buymeacoffee page instead. These methods work out better for the user I think, as you make a one time donation and then don’t have to worry about forgetting about your subscription and having money you planned on having taken out of your account.

Let me know if there’s an option you would prefer in the comments below and I will continue to weigh the options to figure out what will work out best in the long run.

And I think that about does it for my first blog post, Going forward I want to figure out a way to format these to accompany every episode with supporting media and content but that is still very much in an incubation period. However there is still one other thing I wanted to address before I end

A While back on the Haptic YouTube Channel I announced that I was moving the channel from standard horror lets plays, over to silent hill exclusive content. I Then promptly made a podcast and didn’t touch YouTube for months. I Just wanted to say here publicly YouTube is still in the plans. However editing videos take so long to edit and release, and given my personal life I haven’t even had something approaching the time to work on it. So to Reiterate It IS still coming, its just a matter of when.

With All that being said have a great week, be good to one another, and catch you in the next one.

Featured Podcast

This Week I recommend you check out deliver pod. The Production values on this thing are insane from the audio quality to the trailers he releases on his twitter account. If you enjoy horror (and if not why are you here?) an/or are a fan of audio dramas this is absolute a must listen.

You can Follow Delivery pod on Twitter here

Or simply go to their website and show them some love. They are putting in a ton of work and deserve every listen.

Until next time!

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