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So I was gunna be done working on the site for now but I needed to post this thing I just learned. I was on twitter during my lunch break and saw everyone else was posting the same thing. They were all receiving emails from goodpods (@goodpodsHQ the very best place to listen to podcasts) about their ranking in the top 100 lists so I decided to have a little looksie in my inbox…

lo – and behold We seem to be doing pretty good inside of that ecosystem. So I guess you could say were feeling pretty good over here at through the fog.

What is good pods?

Honestly I was going to make a blog post about this some time anyways so may as well do it here. Goodpods is a Podcast Services (pod catcher) with a emphasis on Indie Creators, and community.

As you finish episodes of your favorite shows you can rate and leave a review. Reply to reviews you even have a wall you can post to for talking with your fans/favorite creators.

If your a podcaster yourself and your show is on apple podcasts its already on goodpods as well, you just need to make an account and claim it. Which I Very Highly Recommend you do. If your on mobile you can just go to: https://goodpods.app.link or search your app store of choice to download the goodpods app (There is no desktop counterpart yet)

What’s Wrong with other pod catchers?

As Soon as big brands and names found out about how successful podcasts were becoming the jumped on the bandwagon and flooded the market. As of August 25th there are over 2 million podcasts online right now with 48 Million Episodes. That’s Millions with a M that makes it hard to get discovered as a smaller podcaster which is exactly what goodpods is trying to fix. While Joe Rogan May Destroy you on Spotify on goodpods you have a chance to shine, and grow. And Goodpods is growing too but they need your help!

Even if you don’t listen to Through the Fog, Move your listening habits to goodpods, it has all the features you want, and all the shows you already listen to. So there’s no real reason not to.

Lets remind the big guys that indie podcasters are still here. And that we aren’t going anywhere. And Please if you find a small podcast that you like, share it with your friends, leave a review and show it all the love that you can. You are the only thing that keeps your favorite shows existing.

(You can follow through the fog on goodpods Here from your mobile device)

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